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How to Sell and Buy Without AgentsNo-Agents

In thousands of cases, sellers and buyers would be better off it they bought and sold without agents. Order this free booklet to find out how to save the huge commissions, avoid unnecessary expenses of advertising and the trauma caused by agents and their socially harmful methods.




Real Estate MistakesREM-Book

by Neil Jenman

The book you should read before you buy or sell a home! Neil Jenman shows how real estate consumers lose millions of dollars every year due to several simple, but very costly, mistakes. It shows how sensible people, who carefully watch every dollar, throw thousands of dollars away when they buy or sell a home. 

These mistakes happen because most people have no experience with real estate. Some people only buy or sell a home once or twice in a lifetime. They do not have the knowledge to avoid the financial loss and emotional stress that comes with buying or selling a family home.



Help for Home Sellers – 184 Hints184-Hints

By Neil Jenman

How many people deliberately open their wallet or purse, take out a hundred dollar note and throw it in the rubbish bin. No one. But yet, when it comes time to sell their homes, thousands of people throw away thousands of dollars. Sure they do it without realizing what they are doing; but the result is the same – they lose a lot of money. This book can save you a lot of money when you’re selling what is probably your biggest financial asset, you family home. 




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